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In Nibley, Utah, Melissa Dabney had served on the Nibley Youth Council for three years before being elected the 1990-91 Youth Mayor. This was the first organization, school or community, that Melissa chose to join.

“I wasn’t a joiner,” she admits. “I didn’t want to put forth the effort.”

Then she saw what people can accomplish when they combine their ideas and efforts. She learned leadership skills by attending the Youth Council Leadership Institute at Utah State University and became a powerful organizer and motivator.

“I found out that I really could handle situations. Now I’m more willing to join, to get involved. It’s because I see that I can make a difference,” Melissa states.

Worthwhile Effort

Jennifer Siebach joined the South Salt Lake City Youth Council in 1989. She has always been a good worker and was content to support and help others, but Jennifer would never assert herself nor would she organize or take charge of group projects.

After receiving encouragement from her parents and her advisor, Jennifer submitted her name for consideration to become the 1992 Youth Mayor. She was successful in achieving her goal and has since successfully taken responsibility for organizing and carrying out the first South Salt Lake City Easter egg hunt. This project involved organizing and leading 30 Council members to complete the activity that involved over 200 community children and parents.

Jennifer also organized and conducted a ninety minute leadership training session at the 1992 Youth Council Leadership Institute at Utah State University that involved over 400 participants. Jennifer would not have gained the courage and self-confidence nor learned the leadership and personal skills she has developed without being in the South Salt Lake Youth Council.

Confidence to Lead