Who’s in North and South?

For the past several years, we’ve had many more people interested in attending the spring conference than we could accommodate. In recent years there have been different measures implemented to allow more councils to register (e.g., limiting the number of registrations per council, moving the registration date), but it still hasn’t been enough. Our organization has simply outgrown the conference facilities.

During the Advisor Business Meeting at the annual conference this year, we discussed the board’s plan for dividing into two conferences for 2019 so we can accommodate more people without drastically increasing the conference cost. Thank you to the advisors who attended in person and by phone to discuss this matter, and thank you also for your willingness to try a North/South split for conference in 2019.

We’ve divided the councils along county lines based on number of councils and approximate number of participating youth, to the best of our knowledge from conference registrations, wait list, and more. We found that the counties in the north part of the state currently have the most participation, so our division of North and South this year is as follows. (If a county is not listed here, we are not aware of any current youth councils in that county.)

Counties of UtahNorth:

  • Box Elder
  • Cache
  • Davis
  • Summit
  • Tooele
  • Weber


  • Emery
  • Iron
  • Juab
  • Salt Lake
  • Sanpete
  • Sevier
  • Uintah
  • Utah
  • Washington


Again, thank you for your willingness to try this out for a year and see if we can get more of our youth across the state involved in the annual conference. We’ll be talking more about this in the fall advisor meeting on November 3, and we’ll reassess after the conference has happened next year.

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