Conference Update!

After a LOT of research, the AYC Board has determined that the best way for us to accommodate more youth council members at our annual conference is to hold a second conference in the spring at Utah State University in 2019.


  • March 7-9
  • March 14-16

Both conferences will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, and you can choose which weekend you will go a long as there are spots available. Each city/council should only register for spots at one conference (i.e., don’t send some youth council members from your city the first weekend and some others the second weekend).

We realize that this isn’t what we had discussed with advisors during the conference earlier this year, but cost played a huge part in the decision. Other locations simply aren’t as affordable, and there was no way for us to put this conference on in another location without significantly increasing the price for everyone. We’re committed to keeping the conference affordable — similar to the price in recent years.

The format of both conferences will be very similar (still Thursday through Saturday), with the same speakers, workshops, and other events at both conferences as much as possible. We will try to keep things consistent and ensure that the groups attending each weekend have a great experience.

More details will be coming soon, and we plan to share a lot of information at our upcoming advisor meeting at Centerville City Hall on Saturday, November 3.

This is a growing year for us. Thank you for your patience, understanding in this change of plans, and willingness to try something new with us this year!


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