Youth Council Dues: Due December 1

Among other things at the November 3 advisors’ meeting, we discussed changes to the way dues are collected and used.

In the past, dues were included with the leadership conference registration fee, and this created a challenge for those who did not attend the conference in any particular year. Starting this year, dues will be assessed on an annual basis before conference registration begins–they will no longer be included in the conference fees during conference registration, and only those councils who are current on their dues will be invited to register for the leadership conference.

Dues are just $5 per youth member (no fee for adult advisors). Please pay your 2019 calendar year dues by December 1, 2018.

Paying dues makes your council active with the association for the upcoming calendar and therefore eligible for:

  • Attendance at the annual leadership conference(s)
  • Consideration in the scholarship for graduating seniors
  • Invitations to training meetings, conference calls, etc.

Additionally, starting this year the board will set aside $1 per $5 dues payment to create a scholarship fund. From this money, two scholarships will be awarded to youth council members each spring. More details coming soon!

Dues are also used to fund our association website, make down payments for the annual leadership conference, cover the cost of smaller events throughout the year, and pay a small stipend to the association president, among other things. We do our best to keep expenses at a minimum, and your prompt payment of annual dues helps to continue the work of this great community of youth councils.

To pay your dues, please mail a letter with your city’s name and the number of youth members on your councils with a check payable to “Utah Association of Youth City Councils” to:

Utah Association of Youth City Councils
c/o Lisa Summers
250 North Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014

Dues are $5 per youth member. For example, if your council has 25 youth members and 3 advisors your annual dues would be $125 ($5×25 — no fee for adult advisors).

If you require an invoice prior to paying dues or have any questions, contact Stefani Jones at

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