Another Conference Update!

We’ve nailed down a registration opening date for the 2019 leadership conference: January 7, 2019!

The cost this year will be approximately $186 per person, and registration is limited to 22 people per council (recommended 20 youth and 2 advisors). If there are spots still open for either conference at the beginning of February, we will allow you to register additional people from your council.

Prices vary based on the number of people per room and other factors, so please review the registration packet when it is posted.

Registration will be mostly the same as in years past, with the information, forms, etc. available soon on the USU website at . . . but these things will be different:

  • You may not “hold” spots for your council without submitting your payment. Payment must be received within 10 business days of your registration, or your spots will be released for other councils to register.
  • ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY CHECK THIS YEAR!!! The board would like to save the approximately $1000 that is normally spent on credit card processing fees and instead invest that money into speakers, activities, and more for our youth. Please help us by paying your conference registration (to USU) via check instead of credit card. Information about how to send that in will be provided on the USU website when registration materials are available.
  • As a reminder: We are splitting into two separate conferences, both to be held at USU. The first session is March 7-9, and the second is March 14-16. Both conference sessions will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, and you can choose which weekend you will go a long as there are spots available. Each city/council should only register for spots at one conference. Registration for both sessions will open at the same time.

We’re so excited to gather our youth councils again for another wonderful conference, and we sincerely hope each youth council will join us!

Please remember to pay your dues before registering for the conference so there is no delay in getting your spots. Check with Stefani ( if you are unsure whether your dues have been received.

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