“Outstanding Balance” Emails

Many youth council advisors received an email that started like this earlier this week:

According to our records, your council has an OUTSTANDING BALANCE for paying their council dues to the AYC for 2019 and are required to pay these dues prior to registering for the 37th Annual Youth City Council Leadership Institute in March.

This email has led to quite a bit of confusion! To clarify . . .

As was announced last fall, 2019 youth council dues (which had previously been paid with conference registration) were due on December 1, 2018. To remain active or become with the Utah Association of Youth City Councils, each council needs to pay dues annually. Active membership in the association allows a council to:

  • be invited to the spring youth leadership conference
  • nominate one youth council member for a scholarship awarded by the Association
  • send adult advisors to the fall training meeting and advisor business meeting, where decisions for the association will be made and important information is shared
  • and more!

If you received the email from Robbie Gerber at USU stating that your council has an outstanding balance, that simply means that the Association has not received your dues for 2019 yet. There are a couple different ways you might respond:

  1. Become current with your dues payment and participate with the Association. You need to be current on dues before registering for the conference. See Youth Council Dues: Due December 1 for more information.
  2. Ask to have your contact information removed from our lists so you won’t receive mailings like this in the future if you’re no longer involved with youth council or if your council does not wish to participate with the Association. Requests like this should be sent via the form on the Contact page.

Please look through the other blog posts on this website for more information about the conference, dues, and more.

Thanks! And sorry for the confusion!


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