The first Youth Council was established as a cooperative project between locally elected officials in Hyrum, Utah and Utah State University in the early 1970’s. Youth Councils are locally sponsored youth education and development programs that use community volunteers who become mentors to teach adolescents how to work within their local political system. The “Youth Council Program” focuses on the four areas of:

  1. Leadership education & development
  2. Providing practical local government knowledge and experience
  3. Increasing communication between youth and adults
  4. Providing service opportunities for young people to contribute to and benefit from their communities.

The “Youth Council” program educates young people to be responsible, contributing citizens when they reach adulthood. The Association of Youth Councils was organized in March of 1992, with the support and encouragement of the Utah State University administration because the success of the program had outgrown the resources of USU.

Over the years, many elected officials and concerned citizens have felt the need to offer a proven community service and leadership training program to their young people. The Youth Council program is meeting this need in communities of all sizes. The program is providing both service and educational opportunities for young people. Participation in a local Youth Council group will teach adolescents the skills they’ll need to become a better prepared work force, better educated citizenry and a better trained corps of future business and civic leaders.

These students learn leadership and teamwork skills while causing positive change in people’s lives and within their communities. Youth Council program educates young people and prepares them to be the future leaders of our communities.

We will work with community leaders and concerned citizens anywhere and provide them with an opportunity to learn that they can make a difference in their communities and how to do it while working within the established political system that governs our communities. We are promoting a tried and proven effective youth education and development program. The Youth Council program has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of adolescents and their families. The Youth Council program prepares teenagers to be better citizens for a better future.